Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Never have to wear mascara again with Russian Volume eyelash extensions. These lashes can be as natural or dramatic as you want! 

Russian Volume lashes are ultra fine and are applied in a fan shape which adds to the 'volume' look that you desire. The lashes are placed individually on each natural lash and will drop out with your natural lash cycle, so therefore infills are needed every 2-3 weeks. Cleaning your lashes at home everyday is a must to maintain and to maintain your natural lashes and your eyes. Cleaning kits are available to buy within the salon. 

Full set of Russian Volume Lash Extensions |£82.00

Russian Volume Lash Infills 1 hour         |£42.00

Russian Volume Lash Infills 1.5 Hours |£55.00

Russian Volume Lash in a Flash (pre mades) |£32.00

Eyelash Extension Removal |£16.50

Please note that I do not infill other Lash Technicians work. So please book in for a removal and a full set.

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