Sarah has been working very hard behind the scenes at Graceful Beauty and is now a fully qualified and insured aesthetics practitioner. Along with being qualified in anti- wrinkle, dermal filler and B12 injections, Sarah has obtained qualifications in how to mange complications, anaphylaxis, body dysmorphia and CPR, this means that Sarah has been able to obtain full insurance with Insync, one of the biggest insurance providers in the U.K for the aesthetics and beauty industry. 
Sarah decided to take this leap in to the aesthetics side of the industry as she believes it will give her a wider variety of treatments to offer to her clients to manage their skincare concerns and another approach to help with anti- ageing. This means as well as being able to take the all natural approach with her CACI non surgical facials she can now offer the more instant smoother results for people who feel that they would like a more dramatic result. In Sarah's words..
'After spending 19 years in the beauty industry I am now able to offer many different skin treatments depending on what route my client would like to take. I can sit down and complete a full consultation with them and help them along their skincare journey, I will sit down and listen to my clients needs and fully recommend what I think they should do and we can then come to an informed decision together'.
Please see below the prices for anti wrinkle, dermal filler and B12 injections. These treatments are pre bookable online but please note that a non refundable booking fee of £50 for filler and anti wrinkle and £10 for B12 injections will be required before your treatment is confirmed. Once you have booked in your treatment Sarah will be in contact with you to discuss your treatment further before your appointment.